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Mechanical Engineer Jobs

Mechanical engineer jobs are readily available in many areas for the well-prepared candidate. Employment for mechanical engineers is expected to increase by 9 percent between 2016 and 2026. With the steady increase in demand for mechanical engineers, the prospect of a career in mechanical engineering is undoubtedly bright for upcoming years.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs by Type

There are many types of mechanical engineering jobs available in todays market including aerospace engineers, nuclear engineers, and civil engineers. The average mechanical engineering salary is right around $85,000 per year. However, this varies significantly based on specialty. For instance, the average salary for an aerospace engineer is over $110,000 per year, and the average salary for a nuclear engineer is about $105,000 per year.


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Mechanical Engineer Job Details

Mechanical engineers define the specifics of mechanical components and systems. They are responsible for the development, design, and installation of these systems and the parts within them. These roles are primarily in offices but often include site visits.

There tend to be more mechanical engineering jobs in geographic locations near military defense bases. For instance, in California, Arizona, Texas, and Washington D.C. There are a significant number of mechanical engineering jobs in these locations because there is a higher demand for these skills in the

whose roles include everything from aerospace to nuclear, to civil.

For chemical and petroleum engineers, work is plentiful in the west and toward the North Dakota shale oil fields due to oil and gas companies. Many mechanical engineers and industrial engineers are needed in the South due to the vast amount of manufacturing firms located in that area. Manufacturing firms also hire mechanical engineers to fill roles as researchers and consultants because they have such specific industry knowledge. This is a less traditional path for someone with a mechanical engineering background, but industry can pay exceptionally well.

Mechanical engineering is an excellent career option for individuals with proper training and schooling. There are many specialties available, allowing for a unique employment opportunity.

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